About Us

Premium Transportation is a minority, woman owned Carrier headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The mission is to provide efficient, cost effective, timely, professional transportation services and safely delivery to our customers’ cargo anywhere within the USA.

At Premium Transportation, we recognize that dependability and excellence are the foundation for our success.  Whether the challenges are capacity shortage, difficult lanes or complex issues in the global marketplace, we stand committed to helping our customers grow and prevail.  

Throughout the southeast U.S Region, shippers have come to rely on Premium Transportation as the ideal expert for their logistics and supply chain needs. Through our dedicated team of experienced logistics professionals, Premium Transportation offers a professional environment that produces exceptional service that is apparent with each customer experience.
Premium Transportation is also a proud member of the National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA). NMTA is an all-inclusive organization with a special focus on the needs of minorities, women and veterans. NMTA is committed to assisting all minorities with establishing, maintaining, and growing successful careers and businesses in the trucking and logistics industry. NMTA acts as a primary resource center and advocate for minorities in the trucking and transportation industry through our partnerships, affiliations, services, and member benefits.

Why Choose Us?

At Premium Transportation, we aim to transcend the trucking and logistics industry by offering infallible hauling and transportation services that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our cost effective solutions aim to maximize the efficiency of service delivery while decreasing the cost of transporting products and goods. In addition, by using the constant guidance, consultation, training and education through the National Minority Trucking Association, Premium Transportation has an industry advantage, yielding added value and service credibility.


In addition, Premium Transportation is a part of the Top Women in Logistics initiative supported by NMTA. The mission of this program is to empower women in the transportation and logistics industry through a divine network of effective leaders using innovative solutions and ideas that encourage and fortify opportunities for both personal and professional success. This program is aligned with the spirit of our company and we are honored to represent and support other women in this industry.
Choosing Premium Transportation as your Carrier is simply the best option for your supply chain needs. Our proactive business acumen allows us to optimize the overall customer experience, saving you both time and money. Call us today to obtain a rate quote or to get more information.